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MILLECOR provides Premium Supplements to keep you fit for duty while giving back to non-profit efforts benefitting veterans, first responders, and their families.

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MILLETOV-X™ is an explosive all-in-one pre-workout.  Packed with creatine and BCAAs for strength and recovery, MILLETOV-X boasts a hefty 300mg of caffeine!  Enjoy intense focus, explosive energy and longer workouts with MILLETOV-X. Available in 3 flavors. Recommended: Shake lightly


MILLECOR® TEST-BLAST is our natural anabolic enhancer.  It contains the highest quality, most potent, safe, natural compounds available. MILLECOR® TEST-BLAST was developed to support the body’s natural (endogenous) production of total testosterone all the way up to high/normal levels, but work in a way that is safe and non-inhibitory.* Scroll for ingredient breakdown.
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MILLECOR® AMINOS is a blend of 4000mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids and 1000mg of Glutamine for lean muscle and recovery. MILLECOR® AMINOS contains the ideal ratio of 2 parts Leucine to 1 part Isoleucine and Valine.* *** Scroll for more information.


MILLECOR® MULTI-men provides the perfect amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs for your unique needs. MILLECOR® MULTI-men helps to bridge the gap in your diet. It offers immune support, increased energy, and mental alertness by providing your body with all it needs.
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MILLECOR® WHEY Protein Blend contains pure ultrafiltered whey protein. Our WHEY Protein Blend provides the highest biological value protein available from any single protein source. This makes WHEY ideal for fast recovery and incredible gains in lean muscle.


MILLECOR® WHEY Protein Blend contains pure, ultra-filtered whey protein. Our WHEY Protein Blend provides the highest biological value protein available from any single protein source. This makes MILLECOR® WHEY ideal for fast recovery and incredible gains in lean muscle.



PRO-7 Protein Blend

MILLECOR® PRO-7 combines seven different proteins to fuel your body for a full four hours. Proteins are digested at different rates; by combining different proteins, you enjoy an immediate, medium, and extended source of nutrition as your body breaks protein down into amino acids. MILLECOR® PRO-7 is rich in BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids and has Digestive Enzymes for maximum protein absorption.  

Mayhem Energy

Mayhem Energy™ is 300 mg of caffeine for energy, nootropics for focus, and vitamins and anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals in your body and boost overall health.  Kill the canned, pricey energy drinks full of nothing but stimulants and sugar.  Embrace the Mayhem.* 0 SUGAR · 0 CARBS · GLUTEN FREE · VEGAN · NO DYES


The Cyclone Shaker™ is one of the premier shaker cups in the industry due to its innovative heavy-duty design and durability. The unique 3 piece design made of High Density Polypropylene plastic incorporates a large 25oz liquid capacity cup, a durable polypropylene plastic cylindrical sieve that produces a perfectly blended drink every time, a tight, snug, leak proof, triple thread, and a screw on flip-top cap with an easy-flow spout for easy drinking. If washing in a dishwasher, place on the TOP rack.  Allow to air dry.
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GNX-9™ from MILLECOR® is an advanced thermogenic fat-burning formula.  GNX-9™ contains a synergistic blend of nine ingredients to support fat loss in multiple pathways. If taken daily, these ingredients can increase metabolism and fat-burning for up to 8 hours. When combined with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet, GNX-9™ can help you reach your weight loss goals.*
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MILLETOV-Burn™ is an all-in-one pre-workout combining the energy and focus you need with powerful thermogenics for ultimate fat-burning.  This intense pre-workout is great for those wanting to shed some extra pounds.  Get ready to sweat!* RECOMMENDED: START WITH HALF SERVING TO ASSESS TOLERANCE. *** Scroll for more information and ingredient breakdown.


MILLECOR® Creatine Monohydrate improves muscle mass, strength, energy and fat-burning capabilities.  Creatine is in many of the foods we eat, but large amounts are destroyed during cooking which is why it is so important to supplement. We only use quality, pharmaceutical-grade creatine with no fillers or additives.* 60 Servings
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