Our natural anabolic enhancer contains the highest quality, most potent, safe, natural compounds available.  

This product was developed to support your body’s natural production of total testosterone up to high/normal levels while working in a safe and non-inhibitory way!*



Guntenant (verified owner) 

So, I can say this stuff works. Before I took it my test levels were at 198 and 202 about a week apart. After taking it for 30 days my next testosterone blood check was 397 then 425. It does work, no question. More energy, more size and more gains.

Nomad (verified owner) 

Because of other medications I’m on I am always very hesitant to start taking anything that plays with chemical levels in my body too much. Most of the “natural” test enhancers I’ve taken haven’t worked worth the cost of packaging, but my numbers went way up after starting this stuff, from low on the scale, right to high/normal where promised. More energy, more size… what else can you ask for?

James H (verified owner) 

Good product. Always have been hesitant of taking any kind of test booster but when I saw that it was all natural ingredients and that it was Millecor I went ahead and ordered some. It actually does work. My levels went up, I had more energy, and it helps with building the muscle and strength I’ve been working for. Once again Millecor has not disappointed.

Shane (verified owner) 

Found an increase in energy, better sleep and other great improvements one would expect from a Testosterone booster. Highly recommended!!!

Patrick (verified owner) 

Another quality product from the Millecor family. Can really feel the difference when I take them. Stamina, energy level, increased. Plus I don’t have to worry about the ingredients because it’s another quality Millecor product. And as Jason says….the dreams are nice as well. Would highly recommend it.

James B (verified owner) 

Guys, feeling a little sluggish, maybe you just don’t feel like the young stud you used to be? Test Blast is a natural way to get that feeling back, and get back to doing what you used to be able to do! Love this product!